Delivering quality repairs of which we are proud of, using high quality materials & skilled workers

Depot Service Right Bank


Mega Industrial Engineering, founded in 1993, has always focused on reefer box & machinery repairs. With nearly 25 years of experience & a new generation coming into the family business, we strive for quality & service every single day.


The right bank depot is stretched out over 3 locations around PSA Q420, with a total combined storage capacity of 66000 square meters and “trimodal” accepting redeliveries returned via truck, train & barge vessels.

Head office address:
Nietweg 10
2030 Antwerp
+32 3 541 58 22

Specs of depot

  • 66000 m²
  • 2 large workshops, with 46 reefer repair bays
  • 3 empty containerhandlers
  • Specialized equipment for reefer repairs
    • 2 shear cutting benches
    • 2 sheet bending machines
    • 2 insulation foam injecting machines with foam rigs for proper repairs
    • Only high grade stainless steel used for quality repairs

what we do

  • reefer & dry box body repairs, light & heavy damages
  • quality machinery repairs, holding all major dealerships from the unit manufacturers
  • insulation foaming – pre heated injection of PU foam for proper repairs, no block foam
  • washing & cleaning – finishing touch before using the container